Sarah Longley

I did these drawings during the Spring of 2020 when the Lockdown and homeschooling meant I couldn’t venture far from home. The gorgeous weather was great for drawing outdoors, so I was able to scribble away, trying to get down that magical start of Spring feeling – in particular, the unfurling of the ferns. Often the girls and our companionable cat Bessie worked their way into these compositions: big charcoal drawings in an A1 sketchpad. It felt mentally soothing and necessary to embark on these large, complicated drawings, which are ends in themselves. I would get lost in them and forget everything. The discipline of being confined to the parameters of the garden instilled a new appreciation for what is right in front of me. I found myself looking more closely at the nooks and crannies which I previously hadn't considered for drawing but which are actually fascinating, such as a line of plant pots or grass poking out of the gravel.