Meg Miller

Over the last couple of years, I have begun to focus on the area where I live and its connection to the Goddess Brigit (Triple Goddess) from pre-Christian times and later Christianised as St Brigit  At the time of Imbolc which marks the beginning of spring I was moved to create a series of pastel drawings “Brigit’s Fire’ and more recently a series of paintings which have been inspired by an encounter with local Archaeologists Karen Hardy and Martin Wildgoose who have worked on various excavations around Skye. 


“The stairway was filled with clay and boulders and the bodies of a woman and two children were buried with considerable ceremony, amongst the fill. The woman perhaps the last servant of the goddess, was placed across the top of the stairs on a bed of willow catkins. Water lilies, red campion and holly flowers were scattered over her body (suggesting May/June burial), before she was covered over. She appears to have been placed as a door keeper or guardian to the sacred place below.” Travelling Through Time. Archaeological walks in Skye, Raasay and Lochalsh by Karen Hardy (Author), Martin Wildgoose (Author)


I have always felt a deep connection to my home on Skye, the rivers, hillsides, shores and forests. I am fascinated by local folklore and ancient traditions. My main mission is one of discovery, to realise my relationship with nature and the endless cycle of beginnings and endings. 


List of Work

  1. Lilies, Loch Kilchrist | 12 x 16" | Oil on Canvas Board | £500 | Print A4 £25/A3 £50

  2. Lilies, Loch an Uachdair | 12 x 16"  | Oil on Canvas Board | £500 | Print A4 £25/A3 £50

  3. Jasmine’s Lilly | 12 x 16" | Oil on Canvas Board | £500 | Print A4 £25/A3 £50

  4. Lilies, Kinnemond | 12 x 16" | Oil on Canvas Board | £500 | Print A4 £25/A3 £50

  5. As Above, So Below | 12 x 16" |Oil on Canvas Board | £500 | Print A4 £25/A3 £50

  6. Consider The Lilies | A3| Photographic Print A4 £25/A3 £50

  7. Guardians | 12 x 16" | Oil on Canvas Board | £500 |Print A4 £25/A3 £50

  8. High Priestess | 12 x 16" | Oil on Canvas Board | £500 |Print A4 £25/A3 £50



Brigit's Garden included other work on display at Meg Miller's Studio

  • Serpent of Strath | A3 | Drawings/Graphite | £150

  • Brigit’s Fire | A3 | Drawings/Pastel £200 



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