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October 1st - November 22nd 2021

Let’s Breathe with Plants

This is a series of six ‘face masks’ made using plants. We have become more aware of our breath in response to Covid-19 and how wearing face masks contain our breath and shield us from the breath of others. We can, however, only breathe because plants provide us with oxygen through the process of photosynthesis. They use the sun’s energy, carbon dioxide and water to create oxygen and sugar. This series of face masks highlights our dependency on the plants around us as they continuously provide us with clean air to breathe.

 Weaving Time 

As we moved in and out of lockdowns, I wove these periods of time using a restricted palette of five colours. This series of five weavings moves with the times from darker to brighter. 

Set of five weavings: ‘Weaving time i) to v)  each on 30x30cm welded aluminium frame, woven using wool thread. 

Nesting 2021

A series of six nests, one made each month during 2021 inspired by the materials available at that point in the year and by our native birds endless innovation. The full set for the year will be finished in December 2021. Lockdown has focused my thinking around home and made me more aware of the seasonality.


Yearly Cycle

The four hinge points of the year, vernal and autumnal equinoxes and summer and winter solstices are marked with a cycle of four paintings. This cycle of paintings records this yearly turning using locally sourced peat applied in layers by hand onto linen canvases. Peat is formed at a rate of 1mm a year from the sphagnum moss plant.