Colour is the overriding influence in my work. I start with a wide brush mark on a blank surface and the choice of colour is lifted from a mood or from landscape sketches made on my travels. From this initial brush stroke the painting develops. I might use collage as I add or remove paint. Once started, I explore my way into the painting, and working from standing, it is a physical as well as a meditative experience of applying colour and creating shape, form and texture. My work has become more abstract since lockdown and may contain fragments of poems or other writing. I work in acrylics on canvas, board or paper and have started to include collage, gold and jewels (imitation). 


I live in Nottingham but I am originally from Sheffield. I trained in Art and Design in the 60s, attending Sheffield, Liverpool and Leeds Art Colleges. I taught Art for 20+ years in secondary and further education and have taught Yoga and Meditation over the last 30+ years. For a number of years I lived in the West of Ireland and love to go back with my paints. 


I currently work in my studio in the garden and am member of Rufford Art Society. I have exhibited in several Nottinghamshire exhibitions over the past 40 years and at the Fronteer Gallery in Sheffield in July 2021, as well as several national online exhibitions in 2021.